The post gave a detailed description of the blooming friendship between Sneha Biswas and her friend from Pakistan.


  • An Indian CEO shared a beautiful story from her Harvard days.
  • The post gives a description of a blooming friendship between Early Steps Academy CEO and her Pakistani friend.
  • She shared a picture with her Pakistani friend.

An endearing post shared by the CEO of Early Steps Academy has won the hearts of netizens. The LinkedIn post by Sneha Biswas gave the perfect example of friendship that broke all barriers. Biswas wrote about one of her classmates from Harvard Business School who happened to be a Pakistani citizen. The beautiful story of friendship received a thumbs up from people.

The post gave a detailed description of the blooming friendship between Biswas and her friend from Pakistan. “Growing up in a small town in India, my knowledge about Pakistan was limited to cricket, history books and the media. All revolving around rivalry and hatred. Decades later I met this girl. She is from Islamabad, Pakistan. I met her on my Day 1 at Harvard Business School. It took us 5 seconds to like each other and by the end of first semester she became one of my closest friends on campus,” Biswas wrote.

“Over multiple chais, biryanis, financial models and case study preps, we got to know each other. Her stories of growing up in a conservative Pakistani backdrop, but blessed with supportive parents who gave her and her younger sister the courage to break the norms and chase their dreams, resonated with me. Her stories of fearless ambitions and bold choices inspired me,” she added.